j o d y  a l e x a n d e r

KEEP - Modern Library - The Artist's Book

This artist’s book is part of a project and series entitled KEEP: Modern Library. The project is inspired by withdrawn library books, Japanese textiles, the art of mending and a KEEP stamp that was discarded from a library.

KEEP was made possible by a Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.

10% of sales will be donated to the Santa Cruz Public Library for the purchase of books for the children’s collection.

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32 pages

200 copies signed and numbered by the artist AND stamped with the KEEP stamp!


$20 plus shipping and handling (and tax to CA residents)

Please e-mail me if you are interested in purchasing.

Thank you for your support!


{Graphic designer: Jim MacKenzie. Photographs of artwork: r.r. jones. All other photographs, drawings, artwork, concept, design: Jody Alexander; Printed locally at Community Printers, Santa Cruz, CA}


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